The United States of America, usually known as USA / America, a Federal Republic of 50 States with Washington D.C. as its capital is a major country in the North American Continent.  This well developed nation is also a hot destination for students worldwide, for their higher studies, with about 4, 500 Universities and a lot many colleges, offering a wide range of courses across different subjects, with worldwide reputation of commitment to excellence.

The kind of education that the Universities and Colleges in USA boasts of that of an unparalleled one, with immense opportunities for training and research, that too keeping the entire industrial expectations and requirements well planned in advance. The success that one could achieve in one’s life, is mostly planned by the education, experience and expertise that one could get through the educational system in America.


The Universities and colleges in USA follows a policy to serve the one that comes first – based on the preset parameters, than pooling up the applications and then going for detailed selections.  The entire admission process could take as long as eight months, which says about the amount of preparations one has to be in, if they plan to go to USA.

Once the course and the university / college is confirmed, the student has to complete an online application, along with making an online payment towards fees. Once the online application is confirmed, along with a physical copy of the same, the Xerox copies of other concerned documents have to be sent to the University / College.

Once the University / College confirms Online Score Reporting, which may take upto three months in usual cases and even more for some specified Courses, the Admission Confirmation Document, called  I20 (or IAP66 in some cases), will be issued and that forms the platform for Visa application and process.

Admission Requirements

The documents and  other requirements vary for both admission (I20) and Visa. They are as follows.

For Admission (I20)

  • Academics 10, 10+2. (Attested by school or college in sealed envelopes)
  • Bachelors (all transcripts)
  • Recommendation letter (minimum 3)
  • TOEFL/GRE/GMAT – IELTS reporting when required
  • Bank statement – In a bank letterhead for 20 to 25 lakhs
  • SOP (min 500 words)
  • Resume
  • Passport
  • Extracurricular certificates (if any)
  • Experience or Internship letter (for gap more than 6 months)

For Visa Processing

  • Academics 10, 10+2. (Attested by school or college in sealed envelopes)
  • Bachelors (all transcripts)
  • Recommendation letter (minimum 3)
  • TOEFL/GRE/GMAT – IELTS reporting when required
  • Education loan
  • SOP (min 500 words)
  • Resume
  • Passport
  • Photographs
  • Extracurricular certificates (if any)
  • Experience letter (for gap more than 6 months)
  • Supporting property documents
  • CA/CS Report
  • The student needs to fill the DS form , pay SEVIS fee, take an appointment for visa.

Entry Requirements

The Entry Requirements do vary for different Universities and Colleges, based on Course.

The basic / general requirements are as follows.

  • US generally require 16 years of education (12+4).
  • Academic Percentage: 58% and above with minimum backlogs
  • Acceptable scores of Standardized Tests GRE : 300+, GMAT : 500+, TOEFL : 79, IELTS : 6.5 overall band.


There are three major intakes for Universities and Colleges in USA.

  • Fall: August/September
  • Spring: January/February
  • Summer: April/May

Process of Application

Step 1        –        Qualifying Test (IELTS / GRE &  ToEFL)

Step 2  –  Selecting the University / College

Step 3  –  Selecting Course & Programme.

Step 4  – Completing Online Application & Payment

Step 5  – Preparing Physical Application, including Resume, SoP, Financial Statements, and other Documents required.

Step 6  – Mailing the Applications and Tracking them

Step 7  – Getting ready for the Visa guidance.

Funds & Financials

There is a scope for complete scholarship for the course you do in USA, provided the conditions are accomplished. There are many types of Financial Aids as well:-

Tuition Fee Waiver in form of Assistantships

Research  Assistantships

Teaching  Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

There are a good number of part time job opportunities as well, either in campus or out campus, though conditional.