[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Abhilash Papolu” subtitle=”Australia” image=”20402″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]A place of extreme clarity and honesty, where we can trust the efforts of our abroad education with. Delivered with such a personal care and attention, MentrIq is a place we could approach.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Bhaviri Jignesh Raj” subtitle=”Australia” image=”20403″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]I would like to suggest MentrIq Overseas for anyone who would like to go abroad to continue their higher education. They do really do a lot of hard work to make our dreams come true.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Hemanth Kongatti” subtitle=”Australia” image=”20404″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]The best consultancy which always support s & guide the students to achieve their dreams in to reality. Personal care and support in both training and processing is really a great thing.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Gandla Manoj” subtitle=”Australia” image=”20405″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]I would like to thank Mr. Abhilash the trainer and Mr. Pradeep the Counsellor who had helped me to be in Australia today. It was under their keen observation and guidance that I was able to make it out.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Mamatha Reddy Samanoor” subtitle=”Australia” image=”20400″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]It is one of the best consultancies for who are planning for abroad education. They provide cleared information and they did perfect process. Thank you the Teams.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Tirumala Reddy” subtitle=”Australia” image=”20401″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]This is a place you can achieve your dreams on education abroad. Excellent coaching for IELTS & PTE. The atmosphere is highly friendly and the counselling and training teams are very friendly and supportive.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Tadikonta Gayathri” subtitle=”Australia” image=”21406″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]It’s very good coaching compare to other coaching centre their lecture is mainly based on our skills not on key topics …they are taking personal care. . I strongly recommend Mentriq Overseas[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Mallinath Krishna” subtitle=”Canada” image=”21405″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]Really amazing people in Mentriq team. They are providing valuable information. I also hear about Mentriq through my friends. When I approached them, I felt this is the right place for the students wish to study in Abroad.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Salman Khan Pathan” subtitle=”Canada” image=”21407″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]The continued support in counselling and a very friendly learning atmosphere is what makes Mentriq different from all others. I would personally rate Mentriq the best in coaching for PTE. Their support doesn’t end with scores In counselling also they helped me a lot in everything from applying to colleges to processing till I got the Visa.
Pradeep Sir has grown from a counsellor to a friend cum brother.
Thanks for your support. Team  Mentriq.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Srikanth Dhanekula” subtitle=”Canada” image=”21404″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]I am one of the students in Mentriq Overseas… I feel very happy to join here. Staff are very friendly, they are taking care for every student individually. One thing to say coaching to consultancy Mentriq Overseas is the Best in Guntur[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Mehaboob Vali Shaik” subtitle=”Latvia” image=”21408″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]It’s a wonderful experience with Mentriq Overseas they promise Best Consulting and deliver the best, right from coaching to admissions to visa.
Very good atmosphere in the institute and a lot of knowledge we can grab from faculty. Best Consultancy in Guntur. Personal attention is also provided. Students placed in best Universities abroad. Most trusted CONSULTANCY in Guntur[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Nelluri Sanjay Prasad” subtitle=”Latvia” image=”21409″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]Your confidence levels will be high after completing the course and with teaching friendly environment you will love to visit again and again.A sure shot center for both coaching and processing in Guntur.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Shefali Shaik” subtitle=”New Zealand” image=”21410″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]This is the best place to gain extensive and in depth knowledge. The faculty here is friendly and supportive. Helps us to gain confidence by conducting mock tests. If your dream is to pursue overseas education, Mentriq educational services is the best option.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Sudheer Raja” subtitle=”New Zealand” image=”21411″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]The Trainers are good, the staff is really polite and they have a good range of material for practice. They advised me on how to prepare for my exam and provided all the resources that I needed. It was also a seemingly hazardless journey through their guidance, to get the processing also done so smoothly.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Avula Naga Priya” subtitle=”USA” image=”21412″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]IELTS in Mentriq overseas is an excellent choice. The Trainer, Mr. Abhilash, is very supportive. Good platform for training. With good Personal Attention, we can well develop the skills as well.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Tirupathi Raju” subtitle=”USA” image=”21413″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]IELTS in Mentriq overseas is an excellent choice. The teaching staff is very supportive. Good platform for training, assistance and visa guidance.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Ajay Kopavarapu” subtitle=”UK” image=”21415″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]I’m thankful for MentrIq Overseas for their career counselling and guidance for my university application and visa process for UK . Pradeep sir has been friendly and helped me throughout the process. It wouldn’t have been possible without their efforts, thank you for everything.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Ali Shaik” subtitle=”UK” image=”21416″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]I share my experience. I am one of the IELTS student in Mentriq, faculty is friendly they do take personal care and good atmosphere to practice, Even they are guiding admission process in a transparent way … I am very happy about my choice.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Chanukya Chakravarthi” subtitle=”UK” image=”21417″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]PTE coaching is ultimate and about education consultancy it is expert and fast processing for admissions and visas process as well. Fantastic faculty and experts for the processing . I prefer to join here who are willing to take PTE and get abroad for their higher education.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Ganesh Danthala” subtitle=”UK” image=”21418″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]It is a very good experience to work with Mentriq overseas education consultancy. They take good care on our admission from step to step. I think it is great opportunity to me to do my admission process from here and I also suggest other students to do process from here.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Greeshma Sai Adithya” subtitle=”UK” image=”21419″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]This is the perfect place for your abroad goals, from the very first step I get solution from every doubt, from here, excellent place to take coaching and exam preparation. The faculty here is very friendly. Coming to guidance getting regular updates from universities courses the way they are guiding excellent, very responsible they are clearing every doubt , I am very happy about to came here, I strongly suggest to Mentriq Overseas.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Kalyan Divvaala” subtitle=”UK” image=”21420″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]Hai all I am Kalyan from Vignan University after completion of my B. Tech I have decided to go UK then I approached Mentriq overseas Pradeep sir. He is well experienced and friendly He has taken care of my UK process each and every aspect. and finally I got my visa. Thanks to Mentriq Overseas. It’s a Highly Recommended Institute & Consultancy in Guntur.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Lohith Attada” subtitle=”UK” image=”21421″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]My Experience With MentrIq Overseas  is Good and they helped me in every Struggle that I face in making my dream come true. They will always be on your side and help to solve your doubts at any point of Time .From Beginning of the Process till visa success they will guide you in accepted way and explain you the options available as well as the Best that suits to your Stream.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Maddala Durga Bhavani” subtitle=”UK” image=”21422″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]If you have any plan for your higher studies to be done abroad, then don’t think any more, for MentrIq is the place you are looking for. They are the ones, the best in Guntur, to help you out with great care and attention. Personal support is the greatest advantage here. They are equipped enough to clear all your doubts and concerns and make your dream come true.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Mallavarapu Pradeep Kumar” subtitle=”UK” image=”21423″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]A very honest and friendly consultancy I had ever seen. They cared me like their own brother. Finally I got my UK Visa. It was so nice an experience that I had with you. Thank you for your help and support.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Mohan Pathipati” subtitle=”UK” image=”21424″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]Excellent service and good kind of information giving about colleges and universities and best for visa processing and student guidelines and also giving quick information..Awesome Class Room And Good Interaction with students like brother…really very good[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Obbineni Vinod” subtitle=”UK” image=”21425″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]Best training in Guntur ..faculty is friendly ..getting good information from processing ..very happy to join in Mentriq overseas[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Pasupaleti Rajesh” subtitle=”UK” image=”21426″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]The faculty was highly experienced, friendly they gave many tips ,tricks and suggestions to secure very good marks ..I highly recommend to join in this institute[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Prapull Malladi” subtitle=”UK” image=”21427″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]It was a great experience as a student in Mentriq overseas educational institute, The staff is very sincere to students, they’ve been very helpful in solving each and every query, If anyone wants to go abroad, I will suggest to go to this institute, it is one of the best institutes in Guntur.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Sidde Sai Krishna” subtitle=”UK” image=”21428″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]I am one of the PTE student in this institute..the way they are teaching is superb …they are taking personal care ..Pradeep anna helping admissions part .. I am very happy about their services ..I strongly recommended to Mentriq Overseas[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Swami Yadavalli” subtitle=”UK” image=”21429″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]Trustworthy, reliable, friendly, communicating and confident. One just need to step in, to know the atmosphere and the warmth they offer us. Personal support and guidance is so great that we never feel as if in a crowd.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Tarun Saichand” subtitle=”UK” image=”21430″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]It was a great privilege to get associated with MentrIq Overseas, regarding all the steps involved in my abroad education – right from training through the different steps of admission processing. I used to get right information, even with its minute details, during the time of Admission Process, which shows the Individual Attention they give us.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Yadluri Raj Kumar” subtitle=”UK” image=”21431″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]This is best place to gain knowledge and faculty is also very good in explaining with many examples and others also communicating very well.  Thank you sir for your valuable training.The counselling department is always at our service in clearing doubts and supporting us. It was a great experience.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Sai Rashmi” image=”21512″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]I had a great learning experience here, focusing on individual students. The faculty is really helpful in terms of guiding you further for different opportunities.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Rashmitha Reddy” image=”21511″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]I joined for IELTS coaching here, Went for a demo class ,got a view on how to prepare for IELTS, practical guidance is what I observed,best institute I could advice to join for IELTS.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Alla Sravan” image=”21514″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]What Ever the information consultant (Pradeep) provides it will be genuine and honest. I have travelled 2 years with him and never felt inconvenient to talk with him. Other than his profit much importance is given to student’s choice and profile. I’ve got Australian student Visa in Feb 2020 # student friendly consultant. Feel free to contact him for any doubts.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Meru Kiran” image=”21513″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]It’s very good coaching compare to other coaching centres. The Training is mainly based on our skills not just on key topics …they do take personal care. . I strongly recommend Mentriq Overseas.[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Ahmed Shaik” image=”21437″ class=”left-content dt-sc-rounded”]Who are looking to start the study in abroad plans, this is the perfect place to start atmosphere is cool ..coaching to consultants they are best ..I strongly recommend Mentriq Overseas[/dt_sc_image_caption][dt_sc_image_caption type=”type7″ title=”Sindhuja Gade” image=”21437″ class=”dt-sc-rounded”]I have joined here for PTE coaching. I first saw about this institute in google. I have read reviews and first thought of checking the place. I attended a demo class and I loved it. So I joined and was taking coaching for PTE. I learnt so much and was confident that I could get a good score in PTE. If you are checking for a Coaching institute for PTE and IELTS, check out this place. I hope this review will be helpful for new students.[/dt_sc_image_caption]