English Language and the efficiency in dealing with the different skills of that Language plays an important role in deciding and confirming one’s chances of education abroad. This is basically because of two reasons:-

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  •  English is the only language option we have, especially in the countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. (b) English is the major language option we have in countries like Germany, France, Italy etc.


One’s efficiency in dealing with the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills in English Language plays a vital role abroad, as in-campus success and off-campus survival depends mostly on that.

The immigration departments of the countries have made it mandatory for issuing visas. The educational institutions and the job consultancies / agencies do demand valid English Language Efficiency Test Results as proofs. There are different tests like IELTS, PTE, ToEFL, Duolingo etc, which are widely accepted by these organisations. Though there are variations in the required scores, based on the standards of the institutions and organisations, bench mark score requirements are set to complete the immigration and visa processing.

The students need to understand these requirements and prepare hard to get that required scores, which could be done through proper guidance and regular practice.

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[dt_sc_iconbox type=”type13″ icon_type=”image” subtitle=”Experienced Trainers” iconurl=”20055″ class=”custom-style-2″]Our trainers have experience of about 6 – 10 years in dealing with Language Proficiency Tests, like IELTS, PTE and ToEFL.[/dt_sc_iconbox][dt_sc_iconbox type=”type13″ icon_type=”image” subtitle=”Limited Batch Size” iconurl=”20058″ class=”custom-style-2″]Our batches do not have more than ten members as the trainers need to attend the needs of each and every one in the Batch.[/dt_sc_iconbox]
[dt_sc_iconbox type=”type13″ icon_type=”image” subtitle=”Certified Trainers” iconurl=”20056″ class=”custom-style-2″]Our trainers do regularlyt attend the Trainers’ Training Sessions, organised by BC, IDP, PTE and ETS and are Certified by them as well.[/dt_sc_iconbox][dt_sc_iconbox type=”type13″ icon_type=”image” subtitle=”Personalised Training” iconurl=”20059″ class=”custom-style-2″]Every Student is unique and do vary in their ways and aspirations, in their drawbacks and learning too. Personalised Training helps to clear these issues.[/dt_sc_iconbox]
[dt_sc_iconbox type=”type13″ icon_type=”image” subtitle=”Updated Trainers” iconurl=”20057″ class=”custom-style-2″]IELTS, PTE, ToEFL are all dynamic tests and do have changes at times. Our trainers are duly updated with these changes regularly.[/dt_sc_iconbox][dt_sc_iconbox type=”type13″ icon_type=”image” subtitle=”Trusted Affiliations” iconurl=”20060″ class=”custom-style-2″]We value the trusted affiliation that we have with agencies like BC, IDP, PTE and ETS, as our institution is also an Official Test Registration Centre.[/dt_sc_iconbox]
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International English Language Testing System

IELTS, is the most famous Language Efficiency Test and is accepted world wide. IELTS has both paper bound and System Assisted Test modes.

Owned jointly by British Council and IDP IELTS Australia, IELTS have two varients – IELTS Academic for Higher Education and IELTS General for Immigration and PR

One need to understand that improving these skills are important, not just for the admissions, but also for the life thereafter.

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Pearson Test of English

A widely accepted Language Proficiency Test, Pearson Test of English, PTE as it is known as, is a Computer Assisted Test. Even the results can be used for PR in Australia and New Zealand.

The exam can be scheduled for any working day at extremely short notice — online 48 hours in advance, the results are declared very quickly — within 5 working days. The certificate is valid for two years.

One need to understand that improving these skills are important, not just for the admissions, but also for the life thereafter.

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[dt_sc_iconbox icon_type=”css_class” icon_css_class=”zmdi zmdi-graduation-cap zmdi-hc-fw” title=”Canada accepts IELTS General for Admissions.” class=”custom-style”]In a recent ‘migration rules change, Canada has decided to accept both IELTS Academic and General for Higher Education in Canada.[/dt_sc_iconbox]
[dt_sc_iconbox icon_type=”css_class” icon_css_class=”zmdi zmdi-graduation-cap zmdi-hc-fw” title=”Admissions Open, But on Condition.” class=”custom-style”]Owing to the global spread of Covld-19, many of the universities have started admissions only for those courses, which could be offered online, globally.[/dt_sc_iconbox]
[dt_sc_iconbox icon_type=”css_class” icon_css_class=”zmdi zmdi-graduation-cap zmdi-hc-fw” title=”PTE Certificates for UK.” class=”custom-style”]PTE has come up with two new certifications, PTE UKVI & PTE Home, exclusively for those who wants to get into UK, and their families.[/dt_sc_iconbox]
[dt_sc_iconbox icon_type=”css_class” icon_css_class=”zmdi zmdi-graduation-cap zmdi-hc-fw” title=”New ‘simplified’ points- based student visa, UK.” class=”custom-style”]More streamlined and creating clearer pathway for students & colleges in UK, it is simpler and easier now..[/dt_sc_iconbox]