Admission Processing for Universities, Colleges and other Educational Institutions abroad is always a challenge, as it requires knowledge, and detailed information, right from the selection of course and University.

Different organisations / institutions do offer the course with the same title, but the detailed analysis of the modules and papers do make a lot of diffrence, so is the standard and ranking of the Universities.

The processing part of Abroad Education plans of the students have to be made smoother and hazzle free, so that it could create a pleasant and positive vibe about the environment there. The parameters like accuracy and efficiency in dealing with different aspects, post course selection and University short listing could be confusing for the candidate, which is dealt with ease and assurance, by the expert team of our counsellors.

Our team of expert counsellors and teams could make your journey, initially filled with lots of doubts and confusions, clear them all, make the process and procedures smooth and the journey a pleasant one.

Why Us For You

Experienced Counsellors

Our team of Counsellors are trained and experienced enough to guide you well and deal with the toughest situations.

All-round Counselling

Our team of Counsellors are ready to deal with all the aspects of your process, from Course & University selection, Admission, Finance and Visa Processing.

Feedback System

Our team of Counsellors are ready and willing enough to get with the feedbacks, anytime, during the duration of admission process.

Personalised Counselling

Though the admission process is same, the challenges could be unique and the way they are to be dealt with also. Our team could face and deal with these challenges smoothly.

Globally Connected

Our team of Counsellors are in constant touch with the admission departments of various institutions so as to help you out.

Trusted Affiliations

Our association with the different admission departments are of that level that we get regular updates regarding the admission process, time limit etc.

The Procedure of Admission Process

Career Counselling

Application Guidance

Application Process

Visa Guidance

Course & University Selection

Eligibility Assessment

Financial Guidance

Pre-departure Briefing

Counselling We Offer

Career Counselling

The course, which have been done and to do are directly related with the career that we do expect in our future. One should have a clear idea about the course that we do and how that is going to help us in our future, our career. Our expert team of counsellors can well handle this in the detailed counselling we do.

Country Counselling

The country we opt to go also has greater importance, as some countries have some special courses, famous for. The cultural, regional aspects of the country should be well understood before we take the final decision. Some countries may need to have special preparation to be made.

Financial Counselling

Financials play a greater part in our process. The arrangements of the financials are important, as the fee payments and financial guarantee to be confirmed are not to be compromised. We could give you clear ideas about the financial arrangements and loans to be arranged.

Predeparture Counselling

Before embarking the journey to the new destination, with a lot of hopes and dreams, this is the final counselling, based on the kind of preparation to do. These awareness and preparedness will help them to avoid some immediate difficulties and discomforts there.

Canada accepts IELTS General for Admissions.

In a recent ‘migration rules change, Canada has decided to accept both IELTS Academic and General for Higher Education in Canada.

Admissions Open, But on Condition.

Owing to the global spread of Covid-19, many of the universities have started admissions only for those courses, which could be offered online, globally.

PTE Certificates for UK.

PTE has come up with two new certifications, PTE UKVI & PTE Home, exclusively for those who wants to get into UK, and their families.

New 'simplified' points- based student visa, UK.

More streamlined and creating clearer pathway for students & colleges in UK, it is simpler and easier now..